Achieving the vision

Messrs. Rowe & Ferrers Station, Woady Yallock – State Library Victoria

World Heritage listing of Australia’s Victorian Goldfields aims to share the extraordinary story of the Victorian Goldfields with people from across the globe and create social, cultural and economic opportunities for every community and person across the region.

Following the advice of World Heritage experts in 2023, the investigation area now encompasses not just Central Victoria but areas further afield, which now embraces the more ambitious title of the Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Bid.

The prospectus below was prepared prior to the changes taking place. 

The 2021 Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Bid Prospectus details how we will achieve this vision together.

The prospectus consists of four documents:

  1. The transformative power of UNESCO World Heritage listing
  2. A pathway to regional regeneration
  3. Investing in a sustainable tourism model
  4. Roadmap

You can view, download and print them all here

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