We’re developing the Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Master Plan. It will outline a collaborative long-term plan for public and private investment in the Victorian Goldfields to maximise the transformational potential of World Heritage listing. An economic assessment launched in October 2022 found that World Heritage Listing is worth $1B to the region.

The Master Plan has been funded by Regional Development Victoria, the 15 local governments and the Victorian Goldfields Tourism Executive

Based on extensive analysis and engagement since 2020, the Master Plan is being developed with key stakeholders including Local, State and Australian Governments, participating Registered Aboriginal Parties, local communities, and the tourism industry.

The Master Plan will be a ‘living’ document – it will continue to evolve over time as the World Heritage bid shapes up and more people engage with the bid.

(Draft, Arup 2024)

The Master Plan will be a vital cornerstone in bolstering the UNESCO World Heritage nomination, charting a path towards the conservation, enhancement, and sustainable utilisation of the Victorian Goldfields for the benefit of the nation, Victoria and the Victorian Goldfield’s communities.

Integrating the Victorian goldfield’s heritage with existing attractions, the region’s amazing natural settings, outstanding food and wine offerings, the work of artisans, the history and heritage of First Peoples will establish the whole region as a pre-eminent destination.

The Master Plan will also position the Victorian Goldfields to deliver on the Victorian and Australian governments’ tourism strategies.

Guided by the overall vision, the Master Plan framework will be based on eleven principles which encompass the way in which quality visitor experiences are to be presented, how cultural heritage is to be conserved, the social, economic, and environmental outcomes that are being pursued and how sustainability underpins the overall approach. Five key themes and five key moves will drive its delivery across 15 local government areas, both including and beyond potential World Heritage areas.

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