Tourism will play a vital part in our region’s COVID recovery. To get our planning right, we’re putting the Goldfields communities front and centre. Starting with measuring our happiness.

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The Goldfields communities are strong communities. 

Resilient, progressive, creative, diverse, inclusive. Proud.

Let’s make the Central Victorian Goldfields region the best it can be!




The World Heritage Bid is shining a light on our beautiful region and unique heritage. We want to celebrate and share this with visitors, to strengthen our economy and allow our communities to thrive.

How understanding happiness will help our region’s COVID recovery

A happy community is a thriving community. As part of the wider COVID recovery, governments are investing to build stronger communities. Measuring individual and community happiness allows us to understand what factors contribute to our well-being and helps us focus investment to improve our quality of life. 

You can help make your Goldfields community the best it can be by taking the Happiness Index Survey.  Why not measure your happiness and find out how you compare to others? The survey kicked off on the International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2021.

How is your quality of life?

  For you and your community! 

Your privacy is assured. Your response is anonymous, used only for the purpose outlined here and only used in overall score cards, aggregated with other people’s responses. Your response will not be sold and is only kept as long as useful. (In line with the strongest privacy code, the European Union’s Protection of Personal Data Directive 2016/679).

The Goldfields region is leading this work, an Australian first.

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What is the Happiness Index?

Can we measure happiness? Yes, by assessing multiple domains of well-being.  

How is it used? Aggregated scores from the Happiness Index are shared back with communities so that everyone can have a say in what they want to happen for their happiness and well-being and with government and the tourism sector to identify how best to strengthen links between tourism development and the quality of life of host communities.

Learn more at Planet Happiness and the Happiness Alliance.

International Day of Happiness

20 March 2021

As we face a global crisis together, let’s find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other, starting with these three positive steps…

Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.

Learn more about the International Day of Happiness 2021 and the positive steps you can take when facing difficult times. You can also download the Personal Happiness Handbook and find out How to be Happy

The communities of the Central Victorian Goldfields region

Explore the interactive map to discover which communities are part of the World Heritage Bid.


Deployment of the Happiness Index Survey was proudly funded by the region’s thirteen local governments and a partnership with Planet Happiness.

The Happiness Index Survey’s deployment in the Central Victorian Goldfields region was developed for the Sustainable Tourism product, infrastructure and investment priorities project, which is proudly co-funded by Regional Development Victoria, Victorian Goldfields Tourism Executive, City of Ballarat and City of Greater Bendigo. 

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