“The bid provides an opportunity to have the region’s First Peoples ‘put back into the landscape in a respectful way’, to tell who they are and who we all want to be going forward – choosing how we tell this story, together.”

- Rodney Carter, CEO DJAARA

World Heritage listing will celebrate and elevate Aboriginal Cultural Heritage 

Traditional Owners are invited to lead.

The Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Bid acts as a catalyst for exploring significant opportunities for restoring and enhancing protection of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, recognising custodial ownership, building awareness, truth-telling and healing. It provides opportunities for tourism-led sustainable developmentthat will create business and employment opportunities and build capacity to directly benefit First Peoples.

Image by Yum Studios for City of Ballarat

World Heritage has the potential to bring real and long-lasting benefits that will be shared by First Peoples right across the region. 

Image by Yum Studios for City of Ballarat

World Heritage is a proven, powerful catalyst with the potential to transform local communities. As the custodians of Country, the Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) are invited to lead and guide the engagement to ensure their priorities and values – as outlined in their Country Plans are captured in the bid process. 

The bid is a vehicle for tourism-led sustainable development, from business and employment opportunities to capacity building, that will directly benefit First Peoples.

A focus on storytelling will promote understanding and respect for Traditional Owners and continuity of connection to Country.

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