Sustainable tourism priorities

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. Visit Victoria.

We’re inviting you to share your ideas and help us become World Heritage ready!

Our goal is to develop world-class visitor offerings and experiences across the Central Victorian Goldfield’s region that is both befitting of a World Heritage destination and one that delivers tangible benefits for our communities and improves their quality of life and local livelihoods.

How to get involved

Join us on ‘social pinpoint’ to co-create how we deliver a multitude of positive benefits for the region, including:

  • Identification of strategic opportunities for economic growth and job creation
  • Priority projects for developing tourism and safeguarding heritage across the region
  • Increased community benefits for residents across the Central Victorian Goldfields region.

This platform is your opportunity to help shape sustainable and beneficial tourism in the Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage region.

We value and thank you for your contribution.

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About the project

The ‘Sustainable Tourism and Value Creation Toolkit – Product, Infrastructure and Investment Priorities’ project develops a tourism investment roadmap to help us become “World Heritage Ready”. It aims to mobilise and build the region’s visitor economy and strengthening our recovery post COVID – 19.

The toolkit is being developed with a range of stakeholders across the region with the assistance of TRC Tourism, Wolfpeak and Planet Happiness and is funded by Regional Development Victoria, Victorian Goldfields Tourism Executive, the City of Ballarat and the City of Greater Bendigo.

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