Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

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“The Central Victorian Goldfields represent one of the most significant and sensational goldrushes the world has ever witnessed’

- Statement of Outstanding Universal Value for the Central Victorian Goldfields

Transient camps of unknown gold-seekers are succeeded by a mosaic of rural gold towns, and the mining centres of Bendigo and Ballarat. Distinguished by new grid-plans, wide boulevards, and a proliferation of archetypal goldrush public buildings, these instant cities in grand Victorian colonial style survive among the finest and most architecturally-notable historic gold cities in the world.

Stark contrast is provided by the Aboriginal peoples’ traditional lands upon which the gold was found. With deep reverence for their country, and no ready utilisation for gold, the goldrush led to devastating impacts. For them, the goldrush was the precursor for ‘a world turned upside down’. A familiar goldrush trait.

Central Victorian Goldfields: proposed Statement of Outstanding Universal Value by B Gamble – Draft 1 – 19/05/20 

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