Bendigo Town Hall. Barry Gamble.

The World Heritage bid team have reached out to the region’s local governments to learn from them and their communities about their local area.

To kickstart the conversation, information about thousands of sites from the 13 local government areas that form the Central Victorian Goldfields region have been discovered from existing heritage lists and narrowed down to include those which exist in more intact goldrush era settings (we’re calling these ‘clusters’). While many of these sites could contribute to visitor journeys and experiences, ultimately, only a dozen or so can achieve the very high threshold of World Heritage status.

Feedback received to date includes sites that have been missed and sites that may not work well for World Heritage.

This feedback will be used to inform the World Heritage experts who will identify potential World Heritage sites.

The bid team is meeting with local governments and their nominated community groups and stakeholders throughout April and May 2022.

Community members are also encouraged to share their goldrush era stories on our share your story page. 

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