Be a part of this exciting initiative to help develop and then deliver the Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Master Plan

What's it about?

Securing a World Heritage listing will bring significant benefits for the entire region, but this won’t all happen on its own, so we’re developing a master plan to identify what tourism and infrastructure investment is needed to make it happen.

Engaging with the region’s local communities and businesses helps the Master Plan drive benefits to where they are needed and it builds on what you’re telling us through the Happiness Index Survey.

This is the next step for securing future tourism investment aimed at contributing to local community wellbeing.

What are we asking you to do?

Tell us about tourism before June 2023 to contribute to the master plan development. The survey will stay open after June too so your suggestions can help us deliver the plan.

Simply add your thoughts into the survey map at the end of this post or email us with your suggestions.

What do we need?

We are seeking your local insights and perspectives across four topics:

  • Community identity: What makes your community unique and special? What about your local community would you like to share with visitors?
  • Opportunities for communities: What opportunities do you see for your community from sustainable tourism? What are the benefits of visitation that you would like to see? Where are the places that can be improved for the community and/or visitor experiences?
  • Opportunities for businesses: What opportunities do you see for local business from sustainable tourism and visitation? What are the benefits that increased visitation can bring?
  • Challenges of visitation: If visitors increase, what don’t you want to see?

How do I contribute?

Click + in the map below and follow the instructions to add your suggestions. To view other people’s contributions simply click the pins, add your comments and like their posts. Alternatively, you can email us with your suggestions.

You can also view the first round of suggestions we received from local communities in April 2023 on the platform ‘social pinpoint’.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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